Car Rental in Kavala
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Conditions Car Rental

  1. Driver’s age: Minimum age 23 years, and for car groups F,H,M,O,V.
  2. Driving license: The driver must have a driving license that is valid and has been issues at least one year before rental date.
  3. Payment: For car rental always requires a credit card, even if renter finally pays in cash or debit card
  4. Fuel: The lessee is obliged to return the car with the tank full as when received. Otherwise be charged the amount of fuel consumed plus 4€ per liter. The tenant is obliged to follow the design specifications of the car leased and fills each time the tank with the type of fuel required
  5. Safety: The CDW limits the liability of the tenant for salary car damage to the discharge amount, ie. For 950€
  • If tenant received the relevant conditions, as mentioned in the lease contract with his signature. This applies under the prerequisite that the damage is not due to a breach of the Highway Code.

Theft Protection (TCP): The lessee is exempt from liability for theft of the car, if he has accepted the relevant terms of the contract with his signature and pay daily charge: 7€

  1. This car is prohibited such use:
  • By passing passenger transport the items in exchange for direct or indirect remuneration.

CAUTION: No Higher Insurance Coverage Not Applicable:

For loss or destruction of the vehicle key, charges 100€.

– For mechanical failures negligent abuse of the vehicle by the driver.

– For whatever happened to the car during transport by ship.

– For whatever happened and found that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

– For damage caused by driving on unpaved roads.

– For damage caused to the underside of the car, the tires, the mirrors and antenna.

– For personal belongings inside the vehicle.

– For accidents caused by a driver not declared in the lease contract.

– To wear and stains in the interior of the vehicle.

– For accidents for which the tenant has to informed the station and deposit/submit an accident report, as defined by the Greek Legislation, regardless of the fault.

The damage or loss of the car paid directly by the tenant even if he is insured by debit/credit card. In this case, he is required to pay the full cost of repair or replacement of the car.

  1. Additional driver : 3€ per day
  2. Roadside Assistance: provided 24 hours a day
  3. Taxes: All above rates include VAT, as determined by the state, and 2% Council Tax.
  4. The transfer of the vehicle outside Greece borders is not allowed.
  5. Transport by boat: allowed only with written approval
  6. Traffic fines-Fines: All fines and administrative penalties charged to the tenant.
  7. Administrative expenses: In case of accident, the driver charged the amount of 50€ to cover administration costs of accidents, regardless of fault and are not refundable in any case.
  8. Do not allow smoking in the vehicle
  9. In case of dispute between the parties, the jurisdiction of the Court of Kavala.

In each car rental, only the stated driver covered by the above fuses. If other drivers are going to drive the rented vehicle will be declared in the lease contract at the start of the rental. Required documents identity card or passport and a valid driving license. The additional driver service is charged per day.